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I ocassionally draw things.
I'll post both SFW and NSFW, beware.
Most of my art is original (which means I hardly ever draw fandom related things), so are my OCs.
I DON'T do requests, but I'm open to Art Trades and Collabs.

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Posted by Queuedpotato - December 8th, 2019

Aw shit I forgot to post his one nnh

I've been a year in this place! I expected way more attention, but ye know how this site works, sadly... unless you have nice art or you are a well-known artist already, you get close to nothing in here.

I don't care that much really, since I made myself an account in here for posting lewds. I also came as a part of the Tumblr migration back in December 2018th; that year I guess Tumblr tought it was a good idea to delete every NSFW piece of art, but they ended up losing at least half of the user database. Wow. I'm still there but it has close to nothing interesting, but I like to think Tumblr will somewhen come back with bigger strength.. I dunno.

I'll continue posting art here too, but I don't expect it to get much attention, that's why I am everywhere else...

Anyway! It can helps with progress as well; seeing how I drew and how I draw now helps a lot. Whatevs,,

Let's continue!


Posted by Queuedpotato - November 1st, 2019

It's almost there~

I hoped to gain more people but I guess it's a lot more difficult to do it in this site. Affortunately, I only visit Newgrounds by time to time to see what's new and sometimes to post my art and lewds


Posted by Queuedpotato - June 23rd, 2019

Hey, you probably noticed I've been kinda absent when it comes to upload art. I'm not that motivated to post it here, and while I post almost everything I draw on my Instagram, I usually focus to post my NSFW work in here. And I don't draw much of it, sadly xD


Posted by Queuedpotato - December 31st, 2018

What can I draw?:

  • Humans/humanoids
  • Simple robots (as long as they are somewhat human-shaped)
  • NSFW (I'm not into gore nor I'm good at it, so beware. I'm okay with porn tho. If you ask for it, your OC must be over 18. No grown-up versions of children nor teenagers. By NSFW, I mean nudity or anything sexual, and some kinks too, I must be okay with them)
  • Monsters (send in a picture of your OC and I'll tell if I can do it or not)

What I can't / won't draw:

  • Heavy NSFW (that means visual gore or child porn. I'm totally against the last one)
  • Furry/anthro (not good enough yet)
  • Landscapes

While I might take some time to do it (I usually need just a couple of hours), you don't need to rush me (unless I have you waiting for a week or two)


Posted by Queuedpotato - December 28th, 2018

Hiya there.

I'm taking my time while I get to post things there, and since I need to be scouted in order to be seen in the Art Portal, I'll wait patiently for it.

  • I'll post random art, but mostly my nasty art (which I hardly ever do but-), so be sure to be +18 if ye wanna see those. I'm still learning tho.
  • Friendly reminder I'm open to art trades and collabs, so if you're up for it, say so! I'm most likely to accept it, since I get some time to do them.
  • Requests are only for mutuals and only when I open them.
  • You have the links you can visit on the left, I am almost everywhere so... but my activity is focused on Instagram mostly (the others will get punctual updates, they're gonna be slow for sure)
  • I'm actually open for comissions, but while I get PayPal's system gotten (I don't understand it fully), only people who know me IRL can ask for those (unless you can explain how it works)



Posted by Queuedpotato - December 5th, 2018

Since Tumblr is about to die, I decided to move to this place to keep uploading my art. Maybe I will get the recognition I deserve (or not, who knows)